How JK Jewelers can provide Loans on your Jewelry?

by Jeff Kolesar Owner/Founder
JK Jewelers

JK  Jewelers is an Ohio licensed Jewelry Loan pawnshop (PB.100587.000).  Some of the more frequently asked questions can be found by clicking on our FAQ page. JK Jewelers provides folks with a place to borrow money on an item of value and and then get the item back once the loan and charges are repaid.   While some pawn shops may provide that ability on any item, J.K Jewelers specializes in jewelry, gold, diamonds, watches, coins and vintage Jewelry.  Pawnbrokers are primarily in the business of loaning money on articles of value, but they occasionally make outright purchases of items.
A person, in need of money can bring an item of value to a Pawn shop to obtain a short term loan without having to sell their valuables.   The pawnbroker will evaluate the item to determine how much money they are willing to loan on the valuable.   If an offer is made by the pawnbroker and accepted by the owner of the property,  a loan contract will be written up.  The items owner must show a state issued picture-id whenever they are pawning, selling  or redeeming their items.  State law requires that all of information from the picture-id along with a description of the item must be written in a contract between the items owner and pawnbroker.  All pawnbrokers are required by law to collect this information on all loans and even sales.  Local police departments will have access to this information to investigate potentially stolen items.
The State of Ohio regulates and licenses Ohio Pawnbrokers.  The Terms and conditions of the contract are established by the state.  Key items to recognize include:

  • The owner of an item may wish to sell instead of pawn(loan money) an item.
  • Items acting as collateral for loans cannot be forfeited for a minimum of 3 months.
  • During the time that the items is held for collateral, it will be secured in our heavy duty secure safe at all times.
  • JK Jewelers will ensure that your privacy and transactions remain confidential.  Personal information or transactions are never given out.
  • Maximum interest rates are established by the state at 5% interest per month and a $4.00 per month storage fee.

The owner of the valuable has at least 3 months to pay the loan, monthly storage fee and accrued interest.  Time periods may vary based on specifics of the contract, but the time period that an item can be forfeited to a pawn shop can never be shorter than 3 months.  Some Pawn shops offer longer periods for certain items.
Thirty days prior to a loan expires, a written notice is mailed to the pledger.  This notices informs the pledgor that their pawned item is about to expire. 


  • Over 70% of the pawned items are redeemed by the owners.
  • Many pawn shop loans are performed on repeat customers.